Baffle Free Hanging

  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Cleanable Surface
  • Humidity Resistance
  • Easy Application

Decorative acoustic application is used to provide more effective acoustic improvement than the bonding technique to the existing ceiling surfaces and to hide the mechanical installation in the ceiling sections. It is especially preferred for minimizing noise in large-scale open office environments. Baffle system is formed by hanging the products which provide fabric covered sound absorption in horizontal acoustics by hanging them horizontally with connecting apparatus and ceiling surfaces.

Our Baffle range is the answer to your acoustic and aesthetic needs with its powerful sound absorption performance. In addition to reducing ambient noise, the architectural design can be hung horizontally on the ceilings to help you with your goals. Baffle offers a clean appearance with a balanced acoustic control. Available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Ideal for open office environments, lobbies, conference halls, reception halls, museums to reduce echo and reflection. They all have a special suspension set. You can create a unique ceiling design by being suspended at various elevations and angles.

Product Description

Core Material : 95 kg/m3 density acoustic glass wool.

Size : Can be produced in custom sizes.

Thickness : 40 mm

Edge Detail : Extra Strengthened.

Acoustic Performance : NRC değeri 0.95 -1.00aralığındadır.

Fire Resistance : Class A2 s1 d0 acoording to UNE-EN 13501-1:2007

Application : Suspended hangs free with ceiling set.

Acoustic Performance

Application Detail


File Description Dosya Tarihi Download
TSE 12.09.2018 Download
CE 12.09.2018 Download
ISO 9001 30.10.2017 Download

Necessity of Use of Acoustic Materials

In particular, acoustic materials are used to reduce the noise in the working environment or in the interview rooms, to provide a more peaceful environment for the employees and to increase the performance. The use of acoustic materials in open offices where telephone calls are intensified increases the quality of the interview. In the conference hall and meeting rooms, it is necessary for the interaction of activities to be realized and a solid working environment.

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