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Optimum Sound Absorption !

To control the sound in indoor spaces and to create sound comfort is an important architectural solution. Aktav Acoustic offers these solutions to all users, and commits to both high product performance and long-term availability. Our Parmephon branded products are intended for use in indoor areas, such as human voices, mechanical sounds, music sounds, and all areas where sound comfort needs to be corrected. It is not possible to keep the resonant sound in one place. The sound flows through each space and multiplies.

At this point, we intervene and reduce or even prevent bumps. The sound reduction coefficient (NRC) of our panels is in the range of 0.85-1.15. The fiber fabric of the glass wool provides a great advantage to the product due to its contribution to heat insulation as well as its high acoustics. In today's buildings, heating and cooling systems are important for maintaining the ambient temperature in places where human density is high. The panels can also be used as heat stabilizers in the device rooms where you need to keep the heat stable. Parmephon offers up to 95% relative humidity resistant products.

Aktav Akustik started its activities in the market with the production of suspended ceilings and wall panels in 2003 for the high acoustic design and performance and architectural design needs of today's interiors with Parmephon brand.
The first professional interior acoustic sound absorbing panels objective of our largest manufacturing firms in Turkey, with leading firms in the world market to provide quality products and do the same all over the world.
In accordance with the priorities and criteria of the areas to be implemented, it offers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products with a capacity of 1.500.000 m², which is prepared for customers in a standard or demand-specific manner.
Manufacture 100%
Fire Resistance 87%
R & D 81%
Product Design 90%
Acoustic Performance 95%


Parmephon Products Are Designed For A Wide Area Of Use In Interiors. Safe and aesthetic appearance can be used in all venues.


Since 2004, 90.000 M2 Factory is manufactured by using glass wool and special design fabrics.

R & D

Interior Design, Designing New Products by Extending the Wide Range of Products to Improve the Sound Quality in the Interior and to Solve All Kinds of Acoustic Needs.

Necessity of Use of Acoustic Materials

In particular, acoustic materials are used to reduce the noise in the working environment or in the interview rooms, to provide a more peaceful environment for the employees and to increase the performance. The use of acoustic materials in open offices where telephone calls are intensified increases the quality of the interview. In the conference hall and meeting rooms, it is necessary for the interaction of activities to be realized and a solid working environment.

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